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Copyright your work FREE

    Copyrighting is surprisingly simple.  To legally copyright your work, all you have to do is write a copyright notice on each piece.  The notice consists of the year the pattern was created next to the letter "c" inside a circle  - .  This is a legal copyright notice and should be placed on all work you have designed yourself.  This lets the world know you are the creator of that pattern and do not wish for it to be copied.  

    If you would like to register your copyright, you can get the forms and instructions by calling (202) 707-9100 and leaving your name and address or go to  Ask for form number "115 - An application for a copyright of a work of the visual arts."  You will receive the information in about ten days.  You can register up to 100 items of similar design (called a collection) for $30 (price subject to change).

    A copyright serves two purposes, it protects your design from infringement and it is an excellent selling tool.  It is widely believed, to afford to copyright work, an artist or crafter must be very successful, which makes owning their work that much more desirable.

     Take advantage of both the legal insurance and the marketing aspects of copyrighting.  Tell your potential clients your work is copyrighted,  write it on your hang tags, and place a small, professional quality sign on your display.