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IMPORTANT: We do not handle shows. If you are interested in entering an event, you will have to contact the promoter that is handling that show. We print a magazine that lists shows, what it cost to get in, categories, deadlines, other information as well as who to contact to enter the event. A single issue of our magazine is only $5 and contains hundreds of events. For information on how to receive a single issue or a one-year subcription, go to Subscribe now
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257   Alternatives to shows
255   The computer as an invaluable tool
254   Accept check by phone
253   Multiple copies or one-of-a-kind
252   Inventory management
251   Why isn't my work selling?
250   You, too, can accept credit cards
249   Protect your trademark and copyright
247   Why even a micro-business owner belongs at a trade show
246   Repeat customers are a cash crop
244   Ten seconds of opportunity
243   Hobby or business
242   Shelter your income from the IRS
239   Storing show information
235   Save on printer ink
234   Plan ahead for safety
233   Awareness is the best protection against theft
232   Surfing the web fast and effective
231   Deductions for full time or part time employees
230   Design, create, exhibit and sell - emphasis on sell
229   Free or very cheap websites
228   Novice traits to avoid
227   Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and income tax
226   Great ideas are the foundation of your success
225   The importance of slides and photographs
224   Holiday marketing tips
223   What you need to know about Made in the USA
222   What can be bad about free website hosting
221   Avoiding consignment pit falls
220   Marketing is not a scary monster
219   A Slow Market - how to survive
218   Accepting credit cards and collection bad checks
217   Patents, Trademarks, Servicemarks and Barcodes - how to do it and what it cost
216   How to copyright your work free - -two reasons to copyright your work
215   You, too, can write a how-to book - more than one way to publish a book
215   You CAN do it all! - you can handle all the facets of running a business
211   Turn a liability into an asset - Use to your advantage those items that are lying around taking up space
210   Knowledgeable customer buy more - educate your customer and increase your sales
209   The business from the beginning - the basics for the beginner
208   Developing a business plan - A tool any business, large or small, should use
207   Draftsmen secrets - little tricks to save you time and hair-pulling
206   Ask you Ye shall receive - answers, information is your most important asset
202   Target Marketing, do you know who your working appeals to?
201   Great booth photos, putting your best foot forward
200   The post card - Your 23 cents Salesman, a very cheap and useful communication tool.
199   To copy or not to copy, the advantages and disadvantages of coping someone else
198   More booth ideas, never underestimate the importance of a booth design
197   Press is worth its weight in gold, and most of the time its free
194   The perfect booth design, a booth is a work in progress
193   Overcoming sales resistance - yours! Even a shy person can be a successful salesperson.
191   What is your hook? You have 30 seconds or less to get the attention of a potential buyer.
187   Increase the desirability of your work by establishing your work as a collectible
186   Increasing your sales, if you depend on your work to sell itself, you have just lost half your potential sales
183   The importance of a body of work, a visual representation of your talent, experience and skills
181   Sales Tax - AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, & TN, who to contact, what it cost and how to do it
180   Protecting your money, don't allow a great show to turn into a disaster
179   How to write a press release, learn how to write a press release and take advantage of a great, free resource
178   What motivates buyers, by knowing you can create your own market
176   Home shows take up the slack during slow months.
175   Slides and photographs determine whether or not you get in a show
174   Packing for your next show, the obvious and not so obvious
173   Choosing a show or festival does not have to be a daunting task even for a novice
172   What to do if you are not being juried into shows, ask yourself these important questions
171   What to do if your work is not selling, find your weak link
170   Hang tags, cards, and other printed items, an important selling tool
169   Display your work effectively, a display is more than just a place to put your work
168   Pricing your work should be done logically

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