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Arts & Crafts Show Business
P O Box 26624
Jacksonville, FL 32226 
(904) 757-3913
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 About us

    Arts & Crafts Show Business listing events in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee up to twelve months in advance as well as wholesale sources, competitions, exhibitions, wholesale shows and information on the many aspects of the arts/crafts business.   Each issue contains information on as many shows for the upcoming year as we can fit in forty pages.

   Since 1982, Arts & Crafts Show Business has been helping artists and crafters find events where they can sell their work. We are frequently recommended by chambers of commerce, tourist bureaus, arts councils, art leagues and newspapers as a reliable and useful source of information.

     Each month we e-mail, telephone, fax and mail inquiries to promoters requesting information on their events.  We do the research so you won't have to.  The information we ask for includes: date of event, name of event, number of  years held (5th Annual, 23rd Annual, etc.), deadline, actual location of event, show hours (Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 1pm-4pm, etc.), inside or outside location, gate fee for visitors, type of work allowed (arts, crafts, commercial, jewelry, clothing, antiques/collectibles, other), space size, space fee, number of spaces, jury fee, total awards, number of slides or photos required of work and display, last year's attendance and how figure arrived at, SASE request, attractions that will appeal to the public (such as entertainment or a children's area),  contact person, organization, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and web site.  


  To provide a low cost forum for the exchange of information vital to the success of artists, crafts people, food vendors, show sponsors and suppliers.  Information is the single most important component of a successful business of any kind.  Show sponsors and suppliers need to introduce  their services and materials to those seeking them.  Artists, crafts people and food vendors must locate the materials and services necessary to the success of their enterprise and information on shows and festival where they can sell their work.  The most economical and efficient method of transmitting this information is through publications such as ours.  It is our goal to provide this service at a cost low enough to promote the prosperity of all parties.

Festivals in Alabana,Florida, Georgia, Mississippi,North Carolina. South Carolina and Tennessee.  

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